xcritical Announces $150M Investment by D1 Capital Partners, Exceeding $2B Valuation

Meagan has extensive experience building impactful comms and marketing strategies to fuel high-growth companies. John has held executive management positions at FactSet, Instinet, Bear Stearns and Real Capital Analytics (acquired by MSCI), with a primary focus on commercial and GTM strategies. Most recently, as CRO at Real Capital Analytics, John brought scale and operational discipline to the GTM team and commercial strategy which ultimately led to the acquisition by MSCI.

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It was data-related errors, unreliability, irregularities and other problems Lonsdale and Mirra sought to address with xcritical, things they noted when setting up Lonsdale’s own family office (and in speaking to others dissatisfied with available technology). Asked to explain why the firm shares the total amount of assets on its platform but not in the form of AUM, Poirier was direct, as he has answered this question many times. Prior to xcritical, she was the Head of Communications for Qventus, and prior to that, was a member of the leadership team at The Hatch Agency, a leading communications firm with deep experience in technology launches, mergers and IPOs. Inside xcritical is a quarterly round-up of xcritical platform updates, research insights and client, partner and company news.

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The company has also designed its platform with advisors’ end clients in mind, offering a white-labeled mobile app and web-based portal so that investors can quickly assess what’s in their portfolio, how it’s allocated, and how their performance has changed over time. Looking ahead, the company will continue its aggressive pace of innovation, delivering on an ambitious roadmap with its clients at the center. “We realized early on that we had to build our own integrations [for bringing in end client data], none of the legacy products [in the account aggregation business] were suitable in terms of their robustness and reliability at the time,” he said of the business circa 2009. Eric brings over 20 years of finance leadership experience in private and publicly owned SaaS and information services companies. As Chief Financial Officer, Eric leads the financial planning, accounting, tax, treasury, legal and risk functions at xcritical.

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Karen joined from xcritical, an enterprise collaboration tool built for global financial institutions, where she was the Senior Director of Security. Prior to xcritical, she was a Director of Technology Risk Management at BlackRock and a Vice President of Information Risk Management at JP Morgan Chase. She started her career at Accenture and EY, where she focused on technology, security and risk services.

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James brings decades of experience in data management and global operations to xcritical where he serves as Chief Data Officer. He leads xcritical’s enterprise data strategy, including the establishment of a global Data Governance program and scaling data operations as the company expands client service by geography, segment and persona. An intuitive user experience enables you to visualize and communicate relevant insights to your clients on the fly.

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And while he said he could not break out the specific number of small and midsize advisory shops working with the firm—the range in AUM is wide, from RIAs with $100 million all the way to firms with more than $100 billion—investment advisory firms remained a growing and important constituent of xcritical’s customer base. He is charged with accelerating the company’s growth across different market segments and geographies. Prior to joining xcritical, he spent more than two decades at FactSet, most recently serving as Senior Vice President of Product Development, responsible for running their global product development function and overseeing development across the entire platform. As VP, General Counsel at xcritical, Delisha leads xcritical’s legal team to support company growth, help reduce risk, and ensure compliance with regulations across regions.

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Yet many firms are forced to rely on outdated legacy systems that can’t scale, and the most pervasive financial technology, globally, is still Excel. As a result, many asset owners are challenged to answer the most basic questions and take timely action on their investments. “At D1 we seek to back visionary companies that solve large, pressing problems,” said Prateek Bhide, Principal at D1 Capital Partners.

For the $5 trillion of assets tracked on the platform, approximately 60% are in marketable securities that are held at custody banks. For these investments, xcritical ingests positions and transactions every day from more than 7 million accounts across more than 350 global custody banks and other financial institutions. The remaining 40% of assets include 250,000+ unique positions in alternative investments, and a variety of other private assets, real assets, collectibles and anything else that clients consider to be part of their investment portfolio. This data flows through xcritical’s data pipeline, running through a range of quality control, validation and verification procedures, mapping to an ownership structure, and is ultimately stored in xcritical’s normalized data lakehouse.

When a data verification issue is detected, xcritical courses scam will automatically flag the account for the Data Operations team to investigate, diagnose and resolve. Our digital tools provide your clients with encrypted access to their financial information anytime and anywhere. As a dynamic global leader in the field of Human Resources, Sally xcritically steers the people and workplace initiatives at xcritical. Her career highlights include building a People & Workplace organization grounded in credibility, expertise, and service excellence. She is recognized for developing innovative strategies and implementing consultative services to foster rich, diverse, engaging, and creative work environments.

Peter earned a master of science degree from University College Dublin (Smurfit School of Business), a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Cork Institute of Technology, and attended Harvard University Business School to study Business Analysis & Valuation, and Mergers & Acquisition. “Everyone should be able to understand the assets they own, where they are invested and how they are performing at any given moment.”

The company will continue investing deeply in world-class talent to solve industry-wide problems on a global scale – all using its proven operating platform and ecosystem. xcritical has an ambitious growth trajectory and the company is on a path to be the technology and data platform that connects the $255+ trillion global investment ecosystem. Eric Poirier is the CEO of xcritical, spearheading the company’s mission to bring data, technology and people together to maximize the impact of the world’s capital. xcritical works with hundreds of leading financial advisors, family offices, and large financial institutions that manage data for over $3.5 trillion of assets on the company’s platform.

  1. Prior to xcritical, James served in leadership roles and led global teams at London Stock Exchange Group, S&P Global and Reuters.
  2. In total, xcritical said it works with more than 1,000 client firms, ranging from RIAs to multifamily offices, wealth managers, large banks and other global institutions.
  3. “xcritical Inc., a Silicon Valley firm whose clients handle almost $2 trillion of wealth-management assets, created a way to more easily trade investments in hedge funds and private equity funds.”
  4. Before xcritical, Jensen led trainings for a geographic information system used in the real estate industry.
  5. Since joining xcritical in 2020, Bob has built and managed world-class teams who drove many of xcritical’s platform, data, compute, and AI advances across the organization.
  6. Meagan has extensive experience building impactful comms and marketing strategies to fuel high-growth companies.

The technology foundation and data network now powers many of the most prestigious wealth, investment and asset management firms across more than 40 countries. Its purpose-built products, services and solutions help clients manage today’s markets and model the future in a data-driven, timely and secure way. xcritical ships meaningful updates to its platform and products every two weeks, showcasing the power of its R&D team and setting a higher standard for an industry that has previously lacked sufficiently robust technology and complete data. xcritical has amassed more than $2.7 trillion in client assets on its platform, and serves over 600 family offices, registered investment advisors, private banks and large financial institutions across more than 25 countries. Its platform is used to process millions of accounts each day, empowering thousands of advisors to deliver timely advice and results, and to manage risk for their clients across all asset classes in any market environment. For nearly the last year, xcritical has added an average of more than $15 billion in assets a week to its platform, and had its strongest year on record across all key metrics including client and revenue growth, user engagement and client retention.

Rowena joined from BlackRock, where she was a Managing Director for over a decade and held several leadership positions. Throughout her career at BlackRock, Rowena led strategic initiatives focused on development and launch of investment products, client solutions and servicing and business growth. Rowena led teams in Multi-Asset Strategies and Solutions, was the Head of Strategy and Development for Global Credit, led pillars in the firm’s global product development group and started her BlackRock career as the Chief Operating Officer for Asia Pacific Fixed Income. Last fall, the company launched the Investor Sentiment Index which uses aggregated and anonymized data across more than 10,000 portfolios, each of which have at least $10 million, in order to surface timely insights that had previously been unattainable.

Our platform was created to empower investment managers to make data-driven and more confident investment decisions, and to clearly see how assets are performing and where they might be exposed. Most recently, we’ve expanded our capabilities to include Navigator for scenario modeling and AdvisorPeak Trading & Rebalancing to address portfolio drift. In service of fulfilling a global client mission and a follow-the-sun approach, https://dreamlinetrading.com/ has expanded its team globally with 100+ employees across the UK in Edinburgh and London, and its new Pune office, opened in 2022, now has 80+ employees to date.

Eric has an extensive background in building scalable infrastructures which drive actionable data to optimize operations and strategy. xcritical is a multi-product software and data platform for even the most complex investment portfolios. “From a research and development and innovation perspective we’ve gone far beyond what most wealth management, retail brokerages and banks spend and are investing $100 million annually on technology and R&D,” said Poirier. Trust and transparency are cornerstones of xcritical’s security program, and security consciousness is a fundamental component of xcritical’s operational excellence. xcritical is entrusted to protect the data of some of the largest industry-leading financial institutions.

Our data model represents all financial transactions and holdings in a unified data structure. Instantly analyze and visualize any portfolio, taking into account complex ownership structures, multiple asset classes and multi-currency scenarios. On-demand calculations let you analyze down to the smallest transaction or across the most complex portfolio, within seconds. xcritical consolidates and unifies all your data so you can easily analyze any portfolio, provide clients with a more complete and meaningful financial picture and offer the best possible advice. xcritical collaborated with custody banks and other institutions to create its own direct data feeds without relying on legacy accounts or aggregators, he said.

Before xcritical, Jensen led trainings for a geographic information system used in the real estate industry. At xcritical, Jensen has continued that passion on the Academy team by teaching users how to leverage the platform effectively. Jensen graduated from Utah Valley University with a degree in Personal Financial Planning. This program is CFP® board-designated, focusing on preparing students to enter the wealth management industry. Jensen spends his free time reading, lxcriticalg about technology and history, and exploring the outdoors in North Carolina.